The Journey Begins


Hello world!

My name’s Abby and one year ago I went vegan.

I made the conscious decision to stop supporting an industry that exploits innocent animals and destroys our beautiful earth. I made a change in my life not only in the way I ate but in the way I acted. I became more mindful about how my actions would impact this earth and made simple changes every day to live a more sustainable life. My goal is to live a life that does not harm animals or humans, a sustainable life that reduces needless plastic waste, and a life that benefits not only myself but also the planet. I hope to do this in a way that will encourage others to make positive changes in their own lives so I created this blog. I will share posts about veganism, zero waste, and my love for nature in hopes that I can inspire others to live a more compassionate and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Thanks for joining me! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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